Google Analytics – The BEST web analytics solution for Small Business


More small businesses than ever rely on their websites as primary marketing channels, if not to generate leads and/or sales directly online. Surprisingly however, many of these businesses have not implemented a full-featured Web Analytics solution. This means that they just don’t know how visitors find and interact with their website. That’s no way to turn browsers into buyers!

When I begin working on a new Website Re-design or Online Marketing project, the first question I ask my clients is, “Do you have Google Analytics installed on your site?” It is that useful, and that important.

There are plenty of paid analytics packages out there, and they’re all quite good. They have advanced features for data segmentation and conversion tracking. So does Google Analytics. Almost any feature you’ll find within an expensive paid analytics solution is available for free by way of Google Analytics.

I monitor every page of every site I run using GA. I’d recommend it to any small business owner with a website. Do you need help with your Google Analytics installation?



FreshBooks – Professional Invoicing for Small Businesses

FreshBooks - Painless Billing

FreshBooks is an online invoice-managing, estimate-generating, client-organizing, time-tracking, payment collecting machine. No, seriously.

If you own a small business or do freelance work, FreshBooks will make your life easier, and it will help you look more professional at the same time! Plans range from free to $149 / month.

I use FreshBooks for my own Vermont Web Design business, and it suits my needs well. Through FreshBooks I am able to record client-billable expenses, and attach them to the appropriate client account. I can allow clients to pay their bills online, through a payment portal (Supporting PayPal, Google Checkout and more!) that is branded with my logo, or send clients professional snail-mail invoices just like the big boys do!

For the scale of my business, FreshBooks is my whole accounting system!

Here’s a run down of important features:

  • Built in time-tracking for billable hours
  • Online invoice management
  • Customizable templates for a professional look
  • Painless expense tracking
  • Easy contractor management
  • Multiple user support